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Senior Research Professionals

Hasanthi Tennakoon, MEnvMgt (Tasmania)
Senior Research Professional

Hasanthi Tennakoon received her Master’s in Environmental Management from the University of Tasmania and her Bachelor’s Degree in Development Communication from the University of the Philippines. Upon completion of her Master’s degree she worked in the fields of environmental management and corporate sustainability for almost 10 years. Prior to that, Hasanthi worked for a Philippines based consultancy firm specialising in providing professional services for development projects mainly in the agriculture, environment and education sectors. She also has considerable experience in programme design, implementation and management as well as in policy research. At CEPA, Hasanthi is currently focusing on the thematic areas of migration and post-war development.

Nayana Godamunne, MSc (Oxon)
Senior Research Professional

Nayana received a Master’s in Forced Migration from the Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford, UK, and read for a Bachelor’s (with Honours) in Politics and Sociology at the University of Bristol, UK. She started her career in the financial sector but moved to work in development where she has more than 15 years' experience working on programme design, project implementation, policy development and independent consultancy on issues of displacement, resettlement, livelihood development and gender. At CEPA, she has worked on issues of post-war reconciliation, development induced displacement, diaspora engagement and social protection. Areas of interest: Displacement, Resettlement, Forced Migration, Social Protection and Vulnerable People

Gayathri Lokuge, PhD candidate (Wageningen)
Senior Research Professional

Gayathri has done extensive research and advisory work related to conflict, livelihoods, fisheries, land and displacement, especially in the conflict-affected North and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Her methodological orientation is qualitative. She conducts training in the areas of conflict sensitivity and qualitative research methods. Her ongoing PhD research focuses on how women and men from small-scale fisher households in the Trincomalee District use social and political networks to access resources and maximise livelihood opportunities. Areas of interest: Poverty and Conflict, Training, Ethnography, Fisheries, Gender and Photography

M. A. Mohamed Munas, MA (Colombo)
Senior Research Professional

Munas received his Master’s in Economics from the University of Colombo and read for a Bachelor’s in Agriculture at the University of Peradeniya. Munas has over eight years’ experience researching poverty, conflict, fisheries, migration and diaspora issues. Also, he has conducted project evaluations in the conflict-affected areas of Sri Lanka. Munas coordinates the Migration thematic at CEPA. He currently leads a research project on diaspora engagement in conflict settings, focusing on Sri Lanka. Also, Munas conducts trainings on qualitative data analysis using Nvivo software. Areas of interest: Migration, Diaspora, Reconciliation, Project Evaluation, Post-Conflict Livelihoods, Small-scale Fisheries

Chaturanga Weerasekera, MLS (Colombo)
Senior Professional/Librarian

Chaturanga is a Chartered Librarian with over 20 years of professional experience in knowledge dissemination and Resource Centre management. She obtained her Master’s in Library and Information Sciences at the National Institute of Library and Information Science (NILIS), University of Colombo. Her dissertation focused on the challenges faced by authors when publishing in peer-reviewed journals. She is responsible for the overall function of the CEPA Resource Centre, including the physical and digital libraries and dissemination of CEPA publications. She coordinates dialogue and exchange events, such as the Book Club, Film Club, guest talks and various other information sharing programmes. Areas of interest: Digital Libraries, Institutional Repositories, Open Access Sources, Green and Gold Models, Digital Scholarship, Scholarly Publishing, Peer-Review Standards and Guidelines, Copyright Law