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Café Series

Space for Interaction hosts debates on topical and current issues related to poverty, development and social change, held at CEPA premises in an informal setting. The Café series focuses mainly on non-mainstream subjects, targeted towards non academic, non development and the youth. There are 4-6 Café series per year.

13th CEPA Symposium: Post-war Development in Asia and Africa

Post-war Development in Asia and Africa

The 13th Annual CEPA Symposium

1-3 September 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA) organized its Annual Symposium this year in collaboration with the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC). The event took the form of an International Conference on Post-War Development in Asia and Africa and was held in Colombo from the 1-3rd September 2014 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 7. The conference was preceded by an inauguration on the 31st of August.  

Africa and Asia, home to an overwhelming majority of the world’s population, have also witnessed the most intense and protracted armed conflicts over the past several decades. The countries recuperating from war and conflict in Asia and Africa do so under differing and unique conditions, but many of the challenges they face are not particularly unique. Conceived as a multi-stake holder forum, the symposium looked to a) inform and render post-war development policies and practice more evidence based, and b) enable learning and dialogue between post-war polities through discussion of trends, differences, special cases and best practices.

The concept note for the symposium can be downloaded here. To watch sessions and for more information on the symposium please visit here.

The Symposium was preceded by pre-conference workshops on 28th  to 30th August, on the following topics:

  • Outcome Mapping
  • ‘Doing Gender’: Critical Reflections on Working on Gender in Post-war  Sri Lanka

Please visit the symposium website for more details.

Discussions are now available on youtube