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Café Series

Space for Interaction hosts debates on topical and current issues related to poverty, development and social change, held at CEPA premises in an informal setting. The Café series focuses mainly on non-mainstream subjects, targeted towards non academic, non development and the youth. There are 4-6 Café series per year.

Even fish have an ethnicity - Open forum on how ethnic identities mediate livelihoods in a fishing community in post-war Sri Lanka

Presenting her findings from her PhD thesis titled, ‘“Even Fish have an Ethnicity’: Livelihoods and Identities of Men and Women in War-affected Coastal Trincomalee, Sri Lanka”, Senior Researcher Gayathri Lokuge argued that women work in the fringes of the fishing industry in Trincomalee and lack state recognition that would enable them to enhance their livelihoods. Examining the intersecting identities of ethnicity, religion and caste, Gayathri threw light on the gendered and socio-cultural undercurrents at play in the fish markets and in inland fishing where women’s participation is more visible. Gayathri reiterated the importance of giving due recognition to fisher women through the national fisheries policy currently being drafted. Dr. Vagisha Gunasekara, Dr. Asha Abeyasekera and Dr. Malathi de Alwis contributed to the discussion through both academic inputs and implications of women being left out of state-led policy making.