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Café Series

Space for Interaction hosts debates on topical and current issues related to poverty, development and social change, held at CEPA premises in an informal setting. The Café series focuses mainly on non-mainstream subjects, targeted towards non academic, non development and the youth. There are 4-6 Café series per year.

Reaping a diversity dividend: Lessons for post-war Sri Lanka

Many scholars argue that diverse preferences and coordination failure due to ethnic and cultural diversity hamper the social cohesion necessary for good economic management. However, evidence gathered using several measures of diversity suggests that higher levels of ethno-linguistic and cultural divisions are conditioned positively on higher economic growth by an index of economic freedom, a good measure of sound economic management. High diversity does not hamper change towards greater economic freedom and institutions supporting liberal policies. The effect of diversity, moreover, is conditioned positively by higher democracy. The results also raise serious doubt about the centrality of social diversity in explaining economic failure, or the need for autocratic measures in implementing growth promotion in such situations. In this talk, Professor Indra de Soysa reflects on these findings and their meaning for social cohesion and reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka.

Guest Talk by Prof. Indra de Soysa at 4.30 pm, Wednesday 11th October 2017, at the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 07.