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Reaping a diversity dividend: Lessons for post-war Sri Lanka

On Oct 11th, we hosted Professor Indra De Soysa at CEPA for a talk entitled "Reaping a diversity dividend: Lessons for post-war Sri Lanka." Professor De Soysa presented the findings from a long ranging quantitative study into development and social diversity. The study essentially asks the question: are leaders and institutions constrained from making better institutional and economic choices because of social diversity? The study, that covers data from 115 countries, found that social diversity boosts good governance and economic development as 'Otherness' forces compromise and necessitates social cooperation, in the long run. The talk was followed by la lively discussion that reflected on some pertinent issues for post-war Sri Lanka, specifically focusing on what is missing in the reconciliation debate, the social justice dimension, and the lack of 'enlightened leadership.'

Please drop Anupama an email if you would like a copy of the paper- Anupama@cepa.lk