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On Reimagining Development

Remembering the re-imaginings of two eminent Sri Lankans: Gamani Corea and Ray Wijewardene

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“Development, Wait for Me” – An Ode to Freedom in Public Spaces 

Who truly benefits from these prisons of consumerism, surrounded by manicured lawns and water fountains, where the defence of luxury has given birth to the policing of social boundaries through architecture?

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Latest Articles

Creating a Vibrant City

Public spaces help balance work and play among the community


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දිළිඳුබව නිර්ණයේ නියම මානය


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Governance Watchdogs

Why democracy and governance should be monitored by citizens


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Demystifying Diasporas


Misunderstood and Misused: How diaspora groups can help in the country's recovery process


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The Challenges of Post-war Development in Asia and Africa


Understanding the theme of CEPA's symposium this year

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What's the Score


Gearing up for the cricket World Cup 2015, we've launched What’sthescore where we compare the development indicators of countries playing in the World Cup.


Come join in the fun. You can start with picking a team and then read our blog. We also welcome your contributions to the blog. Send them to Nadhiya via nadhiya@cepa.lk


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Poverty IN Sri Lanka

Poverty head count ratio - Sectors
Poverty head count ratio - Sri lanka
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