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Latest on the Blog

Beyond a Moment: Broadening the Poverty Conversation


A moment cannot and should not be considered enough for reflections such as these. Rather, it should encourage us to make an ongoing project of understanding the experiences and issues associated with poverty. 

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On Reimagining Development

Remembering the re-imaginings of two eminent Sri Lankans: Gamani Corea and Ray Wijewardene


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“Development, Wait for Me” – An Ode to Freedom in Public Spaces 

Who truly benefits from these prisons of consumerism, surrounded by manicured lawns and water fountains, where the defence of luxury has given birth to the policing of social boundaries through architecture?

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Latest Articles

Demystifying Diasporas


Misunderstood and Misused: How diaspora groups can help in the country's recovery process


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The Challenges of Post-war Development in Asia and Africa


Understanding the theme of CEPA's symposium this year

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The Gleaners of Kinniya

Why the inclusion of women in fisheries-related work is essential?


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Gender Sensitive Funding

A review of policy considerations on women and microfinance.  


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The Energy Debate: Time is Running Out


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Upcoming Event

Dissemination ceremony of the "Citizen Report Card on Education Service Delivery"

The event will be held on the 2nd December 2014 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at the conference hall of the District Secretariat of Vavuniya. 

Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund 2014/2015 Call for Proposals





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